Quarantine changes the game for many extracurricular activities! However, it is important to continue doing things you enjoy. Admissions officers want to see that you are passionate about an activity or calling—so choose your focus indoors! 

Great college candidates are leaders who make an impact on their community. Be an outlier. Don’t just join a club—create one! Don’t simply go to an event—organize one. Don’t merely read books—conduct impactful research. How can you do all this while in quarantine?

Try one of these 7 virtual extracurriculars!

1. Vlog

Love doing science experiments, painting, or cooking and then showing others how? Start a series on YouTube where you engage with your community audience about things you’re passionate about!

  • Choose a hobby you love! You can do makeup tutorials, record video game hacks, or create how-to cooking videos and DIY projects.
  • Record the  vlog once a week using your phone or webcam. Edit your video using iMovie or Windows Media Maker and then upload it onto YouTube!

2. Dance

Plenty of dance instructors are offering free courses online! Take advantage of them. Simply clean out a space in your house, so you have more room, or head outdoors.

  • Host your own dance tutorials! Choreograph dance to share with your friends on Instagram live videos.
  • Lead community dance exercises. Choose a time each day to go outdoors and engage your neighbors in a social distancing 15-minute dance workout. Your elderly neighbors will appreciate it!

3. Creative Writing

This is an awesome time to get ideas on paper with minimal distractions! Got a story idea you’ve been dying to work on? Would you like to reach a particular audience with important information? Feeling poetic?

  • Start a blog on Medium! Talk about politics, fashion, or your favorite books.
  • Self-publish a collection of short stories or even a novel on Amazon Kindle or Wattpad.
  • Create a book of poems and mail poetry to community members to brighten someone’s day!

4. Research and Science Experiments

The online library is your new BFFL so take advantage of it! Start researching things you’re curious about. Write essays about it, or even conduct simple experiments.

  • Research on ScienceDirect or JSTOR
  • Carry out cool projects– build a community garden, conduct ethnographic research in an online community, make candy from ordinary kitchen products, etc.

5. Community Organizing 

Remember what I said about outliers being leaders? What a great time to start your own club!

  • Start a music club or debate team! Host meetings on zoom where people can share their music and opinions with one another.
  • Interview community members about their experiences during quarantine and publish an article about it.
  • Start a baking rotation! Get your friends and neighbors on board to take turns baking once a week and sharing their baked goods by leaving pieces in everyone’s mailboxes.

6. Community Service

Many people are in need of help right now. From your neighbors to people in neighboring cities, there is a lot of need for support and connection around us. YOU can be the change you wish to see in the world!

  • Grocery shop for elderly community members who can’t go outdoors
  • Start a fundraiser for hard-hit communities
  • Gather donations to give to hospitals (food, toys, personal protective equipment, etc.)

7. Intern

Internships are a great learning opportunity! Especially for professional skill development. It’s also a good way to test out your college major.

  • Find an opportunity on this website: https://covintern.com/jobs/category/3/. Email professional offices to see if they have a need for an intern or would allow you to shadow someone. Say that you would like a mentor!
  • After speaking to different experts, come up with a plan for your own career trajectory– starting with choosing a college major!