Want to increase your chances of getting into top-ranked colleges? Honors Colleges? or receiving scholarships

I talk to families all the time that are stressed about how they are going to afford college. When I tell them that I made it from rural South Carolina to Princeton University and then graduated from college debt-free, they don’t believe me. They ask, Did you get outside scholarships? No. Did you have a trust fund? I wish. Then HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

I’ll tell you. But first, are you ready to scrap everything you think you know about college admissions? Are you willing to accept that the college admissions game has changed since you were growing up, and that to get into a great school and afford to go you’ll have to use radically different strategies than you’re used to?

Okay then, here’s the biggest secret of college admissions today:

There are more that 65 top-ranked colleges and universities that will offer you a full ride or pay most of your way, or give you enough free money to offset what your family cannot pay. These colleges are looking for students from low income and middle class backgrounds. But to get in, you’ll have to learn to be an “outlier”.

My book, The Outlier Effect, will teach your family the 15 strategies you need to know if you want to get into your top schools and afford to go.

What Readers Say About The Outlier Effect

What you’ll learn in The Outlier Effect

  • How being an outlier and not well-rounded is the secret to getting into your dream school
  • The right kinds of extracurricular activities admissions officer want to see
  • The 3 main topics admissions officers want you to write all of your application essays on
  • Methods to decode confusing supplemental essay questions
  • FAFSA and College List strategies, including strategies for DACA and undocumented students
  • Tips for appealing for more financial aid and negotiating your financial aid
  • Secrets for increasing your chances of getting in after being witlisted or deferred
  • Strategies to succeed in college and graduate on time once you get there

Reasons The Outlier Effect could save you thousands in future loan debt

  • You’ll receive a list of 200 colleges with the best financial aid, highest graduation rates and lowest loan default rates
  • You’ll learn financial aid strategies to maximize the amount of money you’ll receive every year
  • You’ll learn a step-by-step process for writing the essays that get noticed by admissions officers
  • You’ll learn EXACTLY what it takes to get into top schools with great financial aid


Take action in your child’s future and purchase your family’s copy of The Outlier Effect.