“Uchechi is extremely creative and full of innovative ideas. She always looks for ways to improve essays in terms of its content, structure, and diction. With her careful guidance, Uchechi has taught me so many tips and tricks that helped me a lot during my college process and even into today.”

SR, Princeton University, Class of 2022

I appreciated that you were able to work with my daughter who is very intelligent, yet organizationally challenged due to her ADHD. I can’t imagine her going through this process without you. It allowed for me to be a sounding board sometimes and not to be the taskmaster. You have a great process. At first, I wasn’t sure if your services would really be of any added value to what my daughter’s school, Phillips Exeter Academy, would provide. But now, I feel that regardless of the outcome, I know that your services ensured my daughter submitting authentic and high-quality applications to the top-ranked colleges in the U.S.

Lisa, Parent, Pomona University, Class of 2023

“Uchechi was wonderful to work with during my whole application process. She not only helped me create excellent essays but also made me a more skilled writer to handle my college writing courses. Uchechi always respected my own ideas and as we brainstormed essay topics, she always inspired me to think deeper until we had a breakthrough. Uchechi was more than a consultant, she was like my best friend when we were working together. And in the end, I got 9 offers in 15 applications!”

Stephen, University of California - San Diego, Class of 2021

I loved working with you and feel especially lucky because we vibed very well, you were empathetic/knowledgeable of the topics I am interested in, and also easy to talk to professionally and productively! I didn’t have any hesitations before working with you, but I also didn’t know if working with a consultant would actually improve the strength of my application since there is no way to be sure. Yet our phone discussions to work out the basics of my personal statement content were most helpful to me. And I do believe the first paragraph of my PS, which is what you most directly helped craft, was one of the strongest. When I got PS feedback from others they always said the first paragraph hooked them and would likely stick in people’s minds the most when reviewing applications, so I am very grateful for that.

Nicola, Fordham University, Ph.D.

Working with Uchechi was an amazing experience! Having known her from a previous program, she already knew what my interests were and knew how to guide me down the right path I want to take. Uchechi was open to all my questions and opinions, she gave great recommendations, and she was great at collaborating during the college application process!”

Ashley, Duke University, Class of 2021

Uchechi’s help throughout my senior year of high school has been exceptionally valuable. She was imparted her experience with the admissions system, provided constructive criticism for my application essays, and was always keen to answer any of my college-related questions. With her assistance, I was accepted into Barnard’s class of 2022! I owe many thanks to Uchechi for not only helping with my college material, but for always being compassionate, patient, and someone I can depend on.

Xixi, Barnard College, Class of 2021

Before I started writing my personal statements, I thought I was someone who could do it on my own. I’m so glad I didn’t. Uchechi knows how to evaluate personal statements from the perspective of an admissions counselor and she helps you approach your writing in the same way. I was able to get into my top two choices for Masters degrees, and a large part of my success is due to Uchechi’s services. If you want the best chance to get into your dream school, work with Uchechi!

Kassy, University of Michigan, MFA Class of 2021

“Uchechi taught me that mediocre is definitely not a word in my dictionary. She encouraged me and listened to my points of view even when I struggled to express myself clearly. Without her help, there was no way that I could have finally come up with my unique personal essay that helped me get accepted into many great colleges. I feel so lucky that she was my admission advisor.”

Crystal, Gettysburg College, Class of 2022

Uchechi was more like a friend than a consultant. She helped me redefine myself and look at myself in a different way. Her patience in answering all of my questions and her help building a strong application image made all of my essays unique and outstanding. I feel very lucky to have worked with her because she made my application process easier and saved me a lot of time.

Jasmine, Rutgers University, Class of 2021